About ThunderPup

Hi, and thanks for taking the time to read about us.  My husband and I (along with our 4 kids) were desperate to find anxiety relief for 2 of our 3 dogs.  Charlie, our eldest dog was afraid of storms, and Surly (the pup) suffered from severe separation anxiety.

Surly's anxiety was so bad, he would chew on couch cushions shortly after we left the house, leaving foam and stuffing all over the family room.  In the span of about 11 months we went through 3 couches, sadly, not kidding.  We tried kenneling him but he would have accidents almost right away because he was so afraid.  We tried different anxiety jackets, scents, music, you name it.

* Surly with his pal Luna.

Then we heard about hemp oils being used to calm anxiety in dogs and decided to give it a try.  We did notice slight improvements in behavior, but not quite as good as we expected... So we investigated more.

It turns out not all hemp oil is created equal.  Each has vastly different amounts of hemp oil in the servings, some are produced overseas and shipped to the US, some actually grown indoors, and the quality control in some hemp manufacturers was downright scary.

We decided to form ThunderPup Hemp Products and provide the most premium quality hemp chews you can buy. 100% organic hemp oil produced right in Colorado, and developed by a veterinarian with over a decade of ethical hemp/pet research.  The highest levels of hemp oil in each serving ensures we are not using tons of fillers.  Only 100% natural ingredients, highest quality organic hemp, and made in the USA.

We knew we found a winner when we saw amazing results from both Charlie and Surly.  They are like completely new dogs.

Thank you for finding ThunderPup.  We know you are going to be just as thrilled as we are with the results.

Sara (and Aaron).
ThunderPup Products