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If you are used to buying ThunderPup Chews from another online supplier it is now back online and available for purchase at that supplier.

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ThunderPup Premium Hemp Soft dog chews, pain anxiety relieve, thunderstorms, fireworks.

ThunderPup Premium Hemp Soft Dog Chews

The ThunderPup Hemp Soft Chews are what your pup has come to love and trust when it comes to 100% locally grown organic hemp. Perfect for pain and anxiety relief for your furry friends.


ThunderPup Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

Now you can use ThunderPup for your Dog or Cat with our new Hemp Oil Drops. These can be added to food, treats, given orally or topically to provide the relief they need.

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Why ThunderPup Hemp ?

Because it's veterinarian formulated!  Our #1 goal is to provide not only the highest quality, but also the safest hemp products for your pets. The ThunderPup Hemp chews have been developed by a veterinarian with decades of experience, and over 10 years of ethical hemp/pet research. The safety of your pet (and ours), will rely on us to make the right choice when introducing hemp oil to our pets’ diet. With ThunderPup Hemp Chews you can rest assured you have the highest quality 100% natural organic hemp available.

Stress & Anxiety Relief

Natural Benefits of Hemp

Quality You Can Trust

ThunderPup is Giving Back to the Community

ThunderPup donates $1 from every sale directly back to local 501 (c)3 non-profit animal rescue organizations.  Our donations help towards the rescue, feeding, medical/veterinarian care, and finding 'Forever Homes' for hundreds of desperate animals.


My 11 year old dog, has trouble moving sometimes, we tried a couple of these, and it's like she is a puppy again.  Thank you so much!!!

Roanld C.

My dog would get car sick every time we traveled.  We tried these and they worked great, so now we won't leave the house without taking one first.

Diane S.

I have a rescue dog that is scared of the world.  Any loud noise and he hides under the table. We bought a bag for 4th of July this year, and he actually stayed calm next to us on the couch while the neighbors shot off fireworks.

Katie D.

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